Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the proposal (finally)

i figure i need to tell the story of our engagement. considering it took place well over a year ago.  it was such a beautiful and perfect day. i don't ever want to forget a second of it.

it was june 9th, 2012 . . . . 

the night before, my instructor at the salon i work at, sent me a text saying that i didn't need to come in tomorrow because a handful of their clients had cancelled on them. i was excited to have a day off and join darin and his brother kevin in their saturday golf game for once. or so i thought - until darin informed me this "golf time" was bro time. i was bugged, but at the same time there were things i wanted to get done on my day off. so it was fine. plus - he promised we'd go on a hike together afterwards.

we woke up that morning slowly, laying in bed for almost an hour. he snuggled me so tight. around 11am i walked him out to his car and kissed him goodbye. i looked in his eyes and said "can you picture us doing this 20 years from now?" he grinned his charming grin and replied with a "yes" and then drove off.     to "golf". with that remark he was sure i knew about his plans. but to be completely honest.. i had no clue. i believe i was just feeding off  whatever he was feeling that day - because he knew what was to come. 

i cleaned house all morning and went to the DI (a local thrift store here in utah) to find some cute lamps for our bedroom. then to the art store for spray paint. the result ----
darin came home from golfing (picking up the ring) and i was on a major DIY kick after our lamps turned out so well. we went to ace hard ware for a few things. walking up to the store i grabbed his hand and he moved me to the other side of him. i didn't think anything of it then. little did i know the ring he would place on my finger that day was in his left pocket. he was so worried i would put my hand in there and find it. (because apparently i put my hands in his pockets while we're walking around). 

we got home and started getting ready for our hike. he seemed a little quiet, but not more than usual so i didn't suspect a thing. just thought maybe he was tired. like i said, i literally had no idea that today was the day. 

we went on our hike in bell canyon. he had the spot all picked out. in fact he had done the hike a week before that and sunburned his neck. what a good little liar he was; telling me it was from golfing on his lunch break. we hiked all over there and all around the little lake.  i was ready to leave but he wanted to go up to one more hill. (STILL had no idea!) we reach the top and we're staring out at the salt lake valley. it's beautiful. i take some photos and then he takes my hands and faces me and says a few things and "i'm just so excited to start our lives together". i look at him and say "START our lives together?" and then BAM! it hit me so hard at that moment, what was happening. i hate that i don't remember every sweet word he said to me. but i was so shocked about what was happening. he teared up, got down on his knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket.
"…  will you marry me, brandi ?"
i couldn't even think to say YES. i just kept hugging and kissing him and laughing out of shock. my hands were swollen from the heat so i could barely get the ring on my finger. but i was going to get that beauty on there if my life depended on it. it wasn't anything i could have ever imagined. it had rubies in it, which is not only my favorite gem but also my birthstone.  the rubies just happened to be from a run that my grandmother passed down to me a few years prior. 
       after the rush, darin says we need to get down from the mountain and go to our dinner reservations. how exciting! he planned this whole evening for us. we then proceeded to float down the mountain on clouds, exclaiming to each passerby that "we just got engaged." whatta feeling that was. 
we get home and shower fast and throw on our nicest clothes.  the whole time calling my mom over and over again. as we're walking up to the restaurant i see familiar faces seated on the other side of the windowed walls. my parents and his parents; together, waiting for our arrival. i run through the front door, ecstatic to tell them all in person. but wait… they must already know because why else would they be here. of course i lose it when i hug my momma. darin's dad, jim is recording the whole moment.   turns out my fiancé had been planning this all along with our parents. coordinating with my dad to fly from south dakota with my mom and pick up his parents in southern califonia. then to come here to utah to be there for the announcement. 

incredible.  t h o u g h t f u l
                romantic.       above and beyond… 
that is my darin. 

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