Thursday, March 1, 2012

c o s m e t o l o g y

when it rains it pours. and i say that in the most positive manner possible. on top of fun foam furnishings ball rolling, i will soon officially begin my apprenticeship to obtain my cosmetology license.
since the sixth grade, i have been dreaming of "doing hair". i use to get held in at recess because i refused to put my brush away during class. and when i did make it out to the play ground i was putting my friends hair in fancy up-dos. all through-out high school i colored and cut my sisters hair and all of her friends. never charging a dime for product or my time. i enjoyed it that much. i loved seeing the outcome of my creations and more-so i loved making my "clients" happy and feelin' good. in HIGH SCHOOL! upon graduating i made the decision to live on my own and by doing so i had to keep a full-time job, if not two. never being able to commit to school. so here i am. 12 years later, halfway to an associates degree and finally working towards doing what i love. i have been given the opportunity to apprentice in the cutest salon i have ever seen, and under one of the most amazing stylists i have ever met. every day i am in that salon, i am grateful for the opportunity i have been given. if it weren't for darins sister denise, i might not have ever even thought this was an option for me here in utah. i did consider cosmetology school once work picked up for darin. but THIS is even better.


Shaina said...

SO exciting! <3 you'll be in your OWN salon faster than you can BLINK..

Jaela said...

Thanks for always French braiding my hair in junior high/high school. I always loved the way it turned out. You were so good at it! I love hair too. :)

Sassy Sarah said...

WOW! That is so awesome, Brandi! I am so happy for you. How long will it take you to get your license? Next time I come to Utah, I'll have you style my hair! :)